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Boost Productivity with Sales Enablement Strategies and Training Programs.

With Salman Consulting, you gain a trusted partner to help you tackle immediate gaps and design sales enablement solutions that meet your stakeholders’ needs. We fit where the need is. Our customized training programs allow you to do this while staying aligned with your broader business goals.

Common Challenges


Resource Constraints

You face the challenge of meeting the ever-increasing demands of your stakeholders with limited resources, and it gets overwhelming as you’re constantly asked to do more with less. With Salman Consulting as your extended team, we work with you to design and implement sales enablement solutions that meet your needs without the burden of hiring a full-time headcount.


Optimizing Sales Content and Training

You are tasked with enhancing your sales reps’ skills with the appropriate content, tools, and training, all while ensuring that they can maximize their time in the field. At Salman Consulting, we work with you to develop customized, actionable sales enablement strategies and training programs that enable your reps to spend more time selling, making you a hero to your sales leaders and executives.


Measuring Enablement Program Effectiveness

At Salman Consulting, we know that you are constantly striving to demonstrate the value of your programs, so we partner with you and your sales leaders to identify realistic success measures and a clear call to action. We involve first-line sales managers to increase adoption and drive behavioral change, ensuring that your program is delivering desired outcomes.

Potential Solutions

  • Scalable training program that fits your needs, covering a range of essential sales skills, including building a healthy pipeline, effective discovery conversations, social selling, value-based selling, meeting preparation, demo presentations, and landing and expanding techniques
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis to identify gaps and provide solutions to help organizations meet their sales goals
  • Customized Onboarding Strategy & Framework workshop sessions
  • Out-of-the-box onboarding to effectively train new hires
  • Sales Academies Framework for AEs and ISRs
  • One-on-one coaching with sales representatives
  • Marketing and sales content alignment workshop sessions

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