Design realistic sales solutions to help organizations gain access to customers, qualify opportunities quickly, and close deals.


For years, we have been walking in your sales people’s shoes every day and understand the challenges they face. Thus, our solutions are based on the reality of selling in today’s world.


With more than 20 years of experience serving multiple industries (financial, healthcare, IT, nonprofits, etc.) and with post graduate degrees (MBA + Ph.D.), as well as multiple certificates in marketing research, public relations, and neuroscience leadership, our approach is rooted in helping sales develop the business acumen required to close deals in today’s complex environment.


Our sales practices are based on real world applications (wins and losses) with an intense curiosity to leverage research (qualitative and quantitative) and design solutions that complement your existing strategies. Impact: Build pipeline, qualify leads quickly, and close deals!


Develop customized solutions to build pipeline, qualify opportunities and close deals.



According to Fortune, nine out of 10 startups fail! Poor or no sales strategy play a huge role in a startups demise. We work with you to design the sales infrastructure (strategy, people, process) required to build a healthy sales organization that is right for you. Based on your needs and budget, we develop an executable plan and become an extension of your team without the base salary, commission structure, bonus and benefits. Think of us like your virtual assistant or virtual CFO!



According to SBI, 78% of sales strategies fail! As sales practitioners and researchers, we blend the art and science of selling and cut through the fluff to analyze and identify problems that are impacting your revenues and partner with you to address them.



According to SBI, Nearly 50% of managers will not hit their team quota. Why? Several reasons, including underdeveloped sales managers. We are passionate toward building the 21st Century Sales Leader, leveraging the i4 Neuroleader Model & Methodology, along with a scalable coaching program that incorporates on-the job training and customized to an organization’s sales process.



According to HBR, companies with formal sales process outperform those that don’t have one! Whether you are a startup with no sales process or a large organization with a process that is overwhelming your sales rep and slowing them down, our approach is customized to meet you where you are and design or modify a process that is unique to you, minus all the marketing and jargon fluff!


Designed to help you build pipeline, qualify opportunities quickly, and close deals!

Surprising Sales Call that Changed My Life…

About 30 years ago, I went on my first sales call. I was 9 years old! I shadowed my dad as he went door-to-door selling insurance solutions in Lebanon. During that time, Lebanon was in midst of a civil war, and jobs were scarce. But my dad always managed to […]

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The 48 Types of VP Sales. Make Deadly Sure You Hire the Right One.

In this article, Jason Lemkin, investor and entrepreneur,discusses the different types of VP of Sales required in your SaaS company during its different stages. You hire the wrong one, and you’re in deep trouble! https://www.saastr.com/the-48-types-of-vp-sales-make-deadly-sure-you-hire-the-right-one/

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How CEOs Can Improve Sales Leadership

In this article, the author highlights the adverse impact of a low performing managers. “The average cost of a “low-performing” sales manager is roughly $3.5 million in lost revenue”…CEO can improve sales leadership through: 1) Emphasizing objective data 2) be hands-on with sales leadership hiring decisions 3) Demanding accurate forecasting […]

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Designed to help you build pipeline, qualify opportunities quickly, and close deals!

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